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Hey tired, frustrated parents, are you looking for a less stressful,
more connected relationship with your challenging kids?

Join this live, online course, starting in June: From Sassy to Sociable!
If you have a child who is between 11 and 18, you know how challenging it can be. The rudeness. Talking back. Defiance. 
It can make you lose your mind. Seriously! 

Based on the hundreds of emails I’ve been receiving, I’m putting together an online course that will show you exactly how to connect better with your kids.
If this is something you are interested in, please stay with me here, 
and keep reading.
You know that when your child is feeling good, he is charming! He is cooperative, helpful, and even thoughtful.
But lately, his rudeness has made it harder and
harder to see the child you know is "in there",
the child you love so much.

In order to be successful in life, both now, and in the future, your child must learn how to be respectful of other people, starting with YOU.

When kids are so incredibly focused on themselves, 
they are unable to take direction; 
from parents, teachers, or employers. 
This is a really big problem for them. And I can help.
My name is Deborah Owen.
In addition to raising three kids of my own, 
each with their own set of challenges, I spent many years as apublic school library teacher. Believe me, 
I saw them ALL in the library at one time or another, 
including all their unique challenges!
At the heart of solving all of the problems is a kid's connection to their parents. That is YOU.

As a long-time teacher, I worked with kids - especially teens - every single day. I have extensive coach training and a number of certifications. I am an expert at helping parents - just like you - re-connect with their kids, so that these problems diminish completely.

I can help you heal the hurting relationship 
with your child.
This course will meet for 4 sessions, 
each 75-90 minutes.

Normally in my coaching practice, 
I charge $250/hour.  

But because of the power of the internet, I can help hundreds of parents at one time in this course, and you get the benefit of that, with a BIG savings.

So with a value of over $1000,  you can get this program for just $97!
And I "get" that even $97 can seem like a lot.

 However, I can assure you that when you implement these super-simple strategies, the feeling of relief you'll have when you can re-connect with your kids… will be well worth the investment
Special Group Discount
Sign up for 3, 4, or 5 places in the course, and I will send you and each of your friends a $12 rebate
(Just send me their email addresses)

Sign up for 6 or more places, and I will send each of you a $22 rebate!

My email address:

Secure Order Form - 100% Protected and Safe
Total Guarantee:
Go through the entire course, and if you don’t feel it will work for you and your family, you’ll receive a full, unconditional refund .
Don't just take my word for it.
Here is what others say about working with me:
I've started changing the way I interact with my teenagers by keeping calm when requesting their help with chores, or, for example, when discussing curfews. Keeping in mind that I must first change the way I approach my children will be the initial step to creating a more stable relationship and one based on trust.
~Christine, mother of 2, Delaware

Deborah Owen is fast becoming my go-to resource on the best parenting practices.
~Wendy, Stepmom of 2, Massachusetts

I know from my own experience that Deb's non-judgmental compassion and optimistic guidance make her a skilled and committed parenting coach. She believes profoundly in families' abilities to come through challenging times with success and healing. And when things are looking dark, she is the one you want in your corner.
~Julie, suburban mother of 3, Massachusetts
The course starts in June, 2015 
4 virtual classes
Course details:
- Week 1: The 5 Super Simple Steps to Calm Parenting. Once you know these, you will be able to control not only your own emotions, but the situation, immediately. THIS is the key to everything!
- Week 2: Take Inventory of the Big Picture. How do you know what you want your kids to learn? 
Find out here!
- Week 3: Divide and Conquer - NOT! Your child will no longer be able to manipulate you and your 
parenting partner.
- Week 4: Respect and Responsibility. How to get your kids to do what you ask, the first time. Seriously.

There is time for Q&A at the end of each session.

You can participate from anywhere because the course is virtual. All calls are recorded and sent to you, in case you have to miss one.
The course will be uploaded to an online member site
where you will have access to it forever! You don't even need to worry if you aren't "available" during the live class!
If you can make it live though, that IS even better.
We will be meeting on June 9, 16, 23, July 7
in the evening. 
Give your child one of the best gifts you can give: 
the ability to show respect and interact sociably. 
This will help him be successful in all areas of life. 

Give yourself the gifts of being a confident parent and having a more peaceful home.

I invite you to go ahead, and try it out. 
Please click the yellow button below.
Only $97

Questions about any of this? Please feel free to contact me at

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